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Taurus Combo TS-10





The Slim Line series is dedicated to users who prefer simplistic, easy to operate but still effective designs equipped with only essential features necessary to obtain the desired sound. The Slim Line Series amplifiers like all Taurus’s bass amps, are equipped with intuitive tone correction in conjunction with our unique MLO system. The combos can be configured with any Slim Line Series speaker cabinets. All the combos’ dimensions match the cabinet’s gabarits which permits easy setting of multi-cabinets high efficiency rigs.

The TS-10 is based on high efficiency neodymium speaker. If you are looking for a compact and efficient combo for bass guitar or double bass, then the TS-10 should  be your first choice.

All “Hc” Series cabinets are covered with hybrid polyurethane coating. The coating is extremely resistant to any kind of mechanical damage which may occur during transportation as well as protects the cabinets against moisture. It is also very easy to clean . An additional advantage of the coating with the polyurethane elastomer is a sealing and reinforcement of the entire  cabinet’s structure, thus eliminating undesirable vibrations as well as increases the overall cabinet’s  lifespan.

Power output: 350W RMS / 4ohm , 200W RMS / 8ohm
Speakers configutarion: 1×10” 8ohm Neodymium   + switchable ceramic tweeter
Cabinet sensitivity: [email protected]/1m
INPUT  –  passive & active

GAIN control with overload LED
VOLUME control

BASS and TREBLE equalizer with MLO system
Triple  BASS-switch to reduce or boost low frequency

Triple  TREBLE-switch to reduce or boost high frequency

PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER  –  provides extra precise control over middle frequency band
PUNCH button – increases sonic expression

Equalization info:
BASS: 40Hz +/-10dB @400Hz -/+4dB
MIDDLE: 2kHz +7dB / 550Hz -7dB
TREBLE: 6kHz +15dB / 8kHz -15dB,
PUNCH: 300Hz +8dB

Additional features:
MUTE button
CLIP power amp control
Preamp PEAK indicator
Switchable tweeter
XLR balanced LINE-OUT with PRE/POST selector and ground lift
SPEAKER-OUTPUT for additional speaker cabinet (8ohm)
Protections: short circuit, thermal overload, power overload

Coating: polyurethane-hybrid elastomer
Dimensions: :  400 x 410 x 335 mm
Weight: 12,5kg