TS-210N (Hc) Cabinet





The TS-210N cabinet is equipped with two the latest generation 10″ neodymium Italian speakers by SICA.The configuration with two 10″ speakers  is the most preferred  among bass players. To meet the musicians expectations we chose speakers with excellent acoustic properties – high dynamics, high power, and very accurate frequency response.Their parameters are ideal for playing various styles of music.
The cabinet is built with multi-layer leaved tree plywood (multiplex). Internally the cabinets is especially reinforced with wooden partitions which connects all boards.This feature virtually eliminates cabinet’s vibrations which cause energy loss and delay in response.

An additional advantage of the TS-210N cabinets is its compact dimensions, what makes a huge difference when must be transported. The vertical  setting of the speakers in cabinet provides a good monitoring on the stage and cabinet itself takes less space.

All “Hc” Series cabinets are covered with hybrid polyurethane coating. The coating is extremely resistant to any kind of mechanical damage which may occur during transportation as well as protects the cabinets against moisture. It is also very easy to clean . An additional advantage of the coating with the polyurethane elastomer is a sealing and reinforcement of the entire  cabinet’s structure, thus eliminating undesirable vibrations as well as increases the overall cabinet’s  lifespan.

The cabinet is fitted with SPEAKON + JACK (1/4“) combo connectors and three-way tweeter volume control. All the cabinets are equipped with special assembly inserts for safe stacking of amp or other speaker.

Power Handling: 450W/rms
Impedance: 8ohm or 4ohm
Speakers: 2×10″ + Tweeter
Sensitivity: 100dB
Frequency Response: 45Hz-15kHz
Connectors: combo SPEAKON + JACK
Tweeter switch: 100%, 60%; OFF

Coating: polyurethane-hybrid elastomer
Dimensions: (H-W-D) 595 x 410 x 395mm
Weight: 19,7kg