Miguel di Carlo basses are handcrafted in Europe

Miguel di Carlo is our custom brand of high quality

With Top-Level Woods, Hardware, Pickups and Electronics

Miguel di Carlo is our custom brand of high quality

MELACANTO&MELASUONO presents our bass line: Miguel di Carlo

My name is Michele di Carlantonio, Miguel di Carlo was my nickname on the most important Electric Bass Forum in Italy at the time, a place where it was better if you didn’t write nonsense and in fact I wrote very little, more like reading, reading and learning from a whole series of characters, some quite bizarre but all, I say all, tremendously knowledgeable on the “Electric Bass” issue.

Galvanized and stimulated by so much bass culture I decided to take it seriously and opened, in 2009, what has now become Bass Domus.

I am the Italian distributor of Mayones basses and guitars, I am in charge of the sales throughout Europe of Sivcak, Maruszczyk and Mensinger basses, and thanks to my work I have traveled all over Europe in search of the best instrument makers and have caught in each of them the peculiar aspects and “tricks” for making products of the highest sound quality.

So I decided to design my two electric bass models, “Ulysses” and “Orpheus,” two mythological characters at the antipodes who together form perfection.

Miguel di Carlo basses are handcrafted in Europe with extremely select woods and top-notch Hardware, Pickups and electronics.


Make as many configurations as you want, they are without obligation, and send them to our email: info@melacantomelasuono.it


You will receive our free consultation on the characteristics of the final product as well as personalized treatment when you order 😉


If you have any questions you can also call us at +39 348 241 0131, we are at your disposal, always!

Michele Di Carlantonio
Sales Manager


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Thus was born Bass Domus, the home of the bass guitar. As welcoming as a Roman home,

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