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Mayones Jabba 5 Aged Monolith

Blue Nitro


Mayones Jabba 4 Aged Monolith

White Blonde


Mayones Patriot 5 Custom

Trans Red


Maruszczyk Elwood L5a

Walnut Burl Fretless



MELACANTO&MELASUONO presents our bass line: Miguel di Carlo

My name is Michele di Carlantonio, Miguel di Carlo was my nickname on the most important Electric Bass Forum in Italy at the time, a place where it was better if you didn’t write nonsense and in fact I wrote very little, more like reading, reading and learning from a whole series of characters, some quite bizarre but all, I say all, tremendously knowledgeable on the “Electric Bass” issue.

Galvanized and stimulated by so much bass culture I decided to take it seriously and opened, in 2009, what has now become Bass Domus.

I am the Italian distributor of Mayones basses and guitars, I am in charge of the sales throughout Europe of Sivcak, Maruszczyk and Mensinger basses, and thanks to my work I have traveled all over Europe in search of the best instrument makers and have caught in each of them the peculiar aspects and “tricks” for making products of the highest sound quality.

So I decided to design my two electric bass models, “Ulysses” and “Orpheus,” two mythological characters at the antipodes who together form perfection.

Miguel di Carlo basses are handcrafted in Europe with extremely select woods and top-notch Hardware, Pickups and electronics.


Make as many configurations as you want, they are without obligation, and send them to our email:


You will receive our free consultation on the characteristics of the final product as well as personalized treatment when you order 😉


If you have any questions you can also call us at +39 348 241 0131, we are at your disposal, always!

Michele Di Carlantonio
Sales Manager

We are exclusive Mayones bass and guitar dealers in Italy

Mayones basses and guitars are made in Gdansk, Poland.
the brand was founded in 1982 and over the years has become one of the most famous and important brands in Europe and the World.
Mayones testimonials include some of the sacred monsters of prog/metal, composer/guitarist Daniel Gindenlow and two of the best jazz/fusion bassists of the moment, Hadrien Feraud and Federico Malaman.
One of the flagship models, the Patriot MR 5 fretless, was designed in collaboration with another great musician and composer, M. Maurizio Rolli.
Melacanto&melasuono has been the distributor for Italy since 2009, thanks to us you can take advantage of the highly sought-after Custom Shop for making the instrument of your dreams.
Take a look at the basses we have available in our store: Bass Domus – Mayones Basses

You can use the link below to access the Mayones configurator and design your own custom bass.

Mayones Jabba 5 Hadrien Feraud Signature Bass

When I needed to own a bass that would be utterly versatile from Pop music to Straight ahead Jazz with a lot of punch, clarity, sustain, great comfort, an awesome look and last but not least, light weighted, I called Dawid and here is the result! Extremely proud and grateful for this collaboration, Dawid and his team at Mayones guitars & basses never ceases to amaze me. Please see and try it yourself! ” – Hadrien Feraud

Mayones Jabba Federico Malaman Signature Bass

Why Jabba???…cause…I LOVE it!!!! Simple!!!
It reminds me the sound of the great Fender Jazz Bass, adding a modern mood!!!
It’s very versatile! It’s spicy with the slap sound & delicate with the finger “pop” sound. I can have a great “Jaco” sound & a great Pick sound!!! & so… I LOVE IT!!!!Federico Malaman

Mayones Patriot MR5 Maurizio Rolli Signature Bass

My Patriot is the perfect choice for the bassist searching for an acoustic vibe. It changes my style and helps me comping as an upright player and soloing as an electric bassist. It’s two basses in one, perfectly balanced and super light. And I can look at him for hours…because it’s really beautiful!
It’s completely made of wood, it has some Italian roots, it’s able to speak and it’s fabulous…so I called him Pinocchio…but he doesn’t lie anymore…”Maurizio Rolli

Mayones Mini Bass Cali


The answer is Cali!

It might be half the size of our custom series basses, but it carries the same design philosophy & great tone, playability and highest attention to built quality and ergonomy.

Mayones New Jabba Classic

JABBA is a perfect tool when you used to have “that sound,” however it has the modern taste inside its bowels. Different variants of these instruments allow you to choose your desired tone!

Mayones Viking Series Bass

One of our oldest Custom Shop bass designs – the Viking – returns. Introduced in 1997 it reappears 20 years later in a refreshed modern form.

We are Resellers of Maruszczyk basses and guitars in Italy

Adrian Kuban Maruszczyk is an internationally experienced bassist/composer, after devoting his entire life to the study of music he decided to found Public-Peace, a German company that sells the highest quality basses and guitars.

Maruszczyk (Maruscìc) basses, manufactured in Poland by Mensinger, have achieved an almost unthinkable popularity a few years ago, thanks to their excellent construction workmanship and, above all, their extremely competitive final price.
Melacanto&melasuono has been working with Mr. Maruszczyk since 2010 and is responsible for bass sales in Italy.
Through our Store you will be able to get the best possible price on both the product available in store and on, and on the instrument made to the customer’s request, all clearly with our Italian warranty.

We are Sivcak Bassi Global Resellers!

Rudolf Sivcak is a Master Luthier living in the Slovak Republic and has been in the business since 1990.

Mr. Sivcak is also one of Europe’s largest distributors of lutherie woods and equipment, as well as a distributor for Hipshot, Aguilar, Nordstrand and Mike Pope.
We “discovered” the instruments produced by Rudolf back in 2010 and have been madly in love with them ever since.
Sivcak basses are extremely well-maintained instruments with highly selected woods and the highest quality hardware and electronics, and their low weight and extremely competitive price make them highly attractive products.
Thanks to our Store, in addition to being able to purchase a model available in Italy or in stock in Rep. Slovakia, you will also have a fast track in making your own custom instrument.

We are Tribe bass dealers in Rome

Quality, reliable, beautiful and inexpensive guitars. We are exclusive dealers in Rome.
Yes, inexpensive, because it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to play a good guitar, but you have to know what to choose.
Why Tribe?
In the WEB era, you can buy everything with a simple “click” and get your bass or guitar in a few days.
Nice and comfortable, but then everything ends there!
The important thing for Tribe, however, is the human relationship and friendship, values that, thanks to the Internet, are going to be lost.


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